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Many make-up products contain synthetic ingredients such as paraffinum liquidum, white petrolatum, parabens, harsh colourants. Or did you know that the red in your lipstick is often obtained from crushing cochineals? Yes. it's called carmine, and it's a standard practice in the cosmetic industry.

Inside Zero Waste Make Up you will learn how to make your own natural, vegan, cruelty free recipes that perform just like commercial products (I must say, even better). But are actually good for your skin, and don't harm the environment.

What you will learn to make:


Rossella will teach us how to make a black eye kajal you can wear as a eye liner, or even as a eye shadow!


We will make a red lipstick which keeps the lips

hydrated and is an absolutely must-have in every zero waster's make up kit.


You will also make a beautiful 2-1 lips to cheeks creamy blusher to be used on lips or cheeks, as well as a powdered blusher

You will be guided through all of the above with:

One Year Access to 16 High Quality Videos

You will be walked through each recipe with detailed step by step high quality videos, and you have access to the course for a whole year!

Customise Your Recipes

At the end of each module you will receive specific recommendations on possible substitutions and how to customise your own recipes

Take a Sneek Peak inside the Course:


Meet Rossella!

Rossella was born and raised in Italy but for the past five years her second home has been the beautiful Brighton.

Rossella's greatest passion is to formulate natural cosmetics that respect the skin, the environment and animals. Rossella struggled with skin problems for many years, which got aggravated by the use of commercial cosmetics and make up products full of silicones and synthetic ingredients. That's why, armed with beakers and organic ingredients, Rossella started her journey as a formulator, which is now blossoming in her green beauty brand Rossella Skincare.

“Formulating to me means harmoniously combining the ingredients that nature has already given us: isn't that how pizza was born?”

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