I often get asked "What tools do I need to get started?", so I thought I would create this handy page.

It contains all the basic tools I use, that you need to create your own bath and beauty products at home


Pyrex Jug | Soap making tools
Pyrex Jug
Saucepan | Tools for soap making
Stainless Steel Saucepan
Pinch Bowls
Pinch bowls
Silicone Spatula | Soap making tools
Silicone Spatula
Silicone Molds | Tools for soap making
Silicone Mould

Measuring Tools

Digital Scale | Soap making tools
Digital Thermometer | Tools for soap making
Digital Thermometer
pH strips

Safety Equipment

Rubber Gloves | Soap making tools
Reusable rubber Gloves
Safety Goggles | Tools for soap making
Respirator | Soap making tools
Face mask | Tools for soap making
Face Mask


Paper tubes

Other Tools

Pipette | Soap making tools
Stick blender | Tools for soap making
Stick Blender
Shampoo bar press

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