The Make Your Own Academy
from £10/month

Swap all your bath & beauty products for low-waste handmade alternatives

No commitment - you can cancel at anytime

> you are a beginner wanting to swap your bath and beauty products for low-waste alternatives made with your own hands

> You want to learn how to make a wide variety of products without committing to one specific craft

> you have some experience making your own products but would like access to more recipes and formulations structures you can adapt to make your own customised products.

Soap Making & Zero Waste Haircare
from £158

Learn how to formulate your own soaps, shampoo bars & conditioner bars from scratch

30-days money back guarantee

> you are a beginner or have some experience in any of the above crafts

> you want to focus on mastering a specific craft

>you have a dream of opening your online shop selling natural soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars

Or enrol in ALL the courses for £453*
(and save £100)

*price excludes VAT

The All Access Pass is valid for 2 years, and it includes:

> The Make Your Own Academy
(immediate access to the full membership portal)

> Soap Making for Zero Wasters

> Zero Waste Haircare

> Zero Waste Make-Up