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The recipe calculator is a collection of all the calculators you need to make your making journey completely stress free. When we start making our own products we usually copy other people's recipes but what if we want to adapt the recipes to our own needs? The only way to really do that, is to formulate using percentages (%). 

That's why I have created the % to Unit of Measures  and the Unit of Measures to %  calculators. Every time you come across a recipe that is given only in unit of measures (such as grams or oz) or viceversa, all you need to do is plug the recipe in the calculator to obtain a clearer picture of how the recipe is really structured. This is so important also because you need to understand percentages in order to respect the usage thresholds for certain ingredients (such as essential oils or preservatives). For more details, make sure to check out the Simple Making Method workbook inside the Academy.

The "My Formulations" tab is for you to store your very unique formulations. Simply add them onto the table, add the name, batch number, manufacture date and more. You can also resize the recipe automatically if you decide to make a larger batch.

Last but not least, you have 2 different Converters  to make your life easier when you come across a recipe which uses a unit of measure foreign to you (such as "oz" or "inches" if you are used to using "grams" or "cm"), as well as Mould Calculator to know exactly how much product you need to fill your mould!  

Important: Make sure to add data only in the yellow cells. The white cells are the ones that contain the formulas, so if you amend this the formulas will break and not work anymore!

Each tab has 30 tables. When you run out of tables, simply download a new copy of the calculator so you have the formulas ready to be used.

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