8.2 Emulsified Body Butter Ingredients


Welcome back to the Make Your Own Academy! In this chapter we are going to make an emulsified body butter.

What is the difference between a whipped body butter and an emulsified body butter?

A whipped body butter is what you often see in beginner DIY tutorials. It involves using a mix of butters and oils. The result is a really nourishing but also quite greasy concoction.

An emulsified body butter instead is made by emulsifying water and oil with the help of an emulsifying wax. This way, you can effectively obtain a really nourishing product to use on your hands, feet and body, that is not as greasy as a regular body butter, but actually sinks right into the skin.

Ingredients Overview

The ingredients of the heated water phase for this recipe are distilled water and glycerin, while the heated oil phase of this formula is made up by this gorgeous cocoa butter, coconut oil, Olivem 1000, which is the emulsifying wax which will help water and oil bind, and our co-emulsifier cetyl alcohol.

In our cool down phase we find our heat-sensitive ingredients, in particular Vitamin E, essential oils of choice, I am using cooling & soothing lavender, and preservative, and I am using Cosgard. You can of course leave this butter unscented, especially if your cocoa butter has a nice chocolate smell.

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